World Urban Campaign


The World Urban Campaign (WUC) is platform for advocacy and collaboration to inform local, national, and transnational policies to incorporate the Urban Agenda.  The WUC promotes urban change that facilitates green, productive, safe, healthy, inclusive, and well-planned global cities.  Currently 180 global partners and networks are coordinated by the UN-Habitat through the WUC.


The World Urban Campaign was initiated from the Habitat II Conference in Istanbul, Turkey (1996).  The WUC addressed the need for ongoing collaboration between governments and civil society organizations to facilitate effective sustainable urban development across rising global cities.  These civil society organizations included local authorities, researchers, trade unions, professional organizations, women and youth groups.

Following Habitat II Conference, the Secure Tenure and Good Urban Governance global campaigns combined with one another in 2009 to form the World Urban Campaign. Collapsing the themes of these campaigns culminated in the WUC mobilizing the network partners of the Habitat Agenda to inform policies for sustainable urban development.  The WUC is a component of the UN-Habitat’s work program, governed by a steering committee, which comprises of UN-Habitat partner organizations and serves as advisory committee to UN-Habitat’s Executive Director.

The World Urban Campaign Partners agreed on seven principles –based on the Paris Principles - since 2010, which state:

Paris Principles

1.     Accessible and pro-poor land, infrastructure, services, mobility and housing;

2.     Socially inclusive, gender sensitive, healthy and safe development;

3.     Environmentally sound and carbon-efficient build environment;

4.     Participatory planning and decision-making;

5.     Vibrant and competitive local economies promoting decent work and livelihoods;

6.     Assurance of non-discrimination and equal rights to the city; and

7.     Empowering cities and communities to plan for and effectively manage adversity and change.