The General Assembly of Partners (GAP) is a special initiative of the World Urban Campaign that aims to support stakeholders' engagement and contributions to the Habitat III Conference. It consists of 15 Partner Constituent Groups (PCG) with members from the United Nations' Major Groups and other relevant stakeholders.

Organizations who wish to work together to influence the process, both formally and informally, can participate through the General Assembly of Partners (GAP). The GAP is an open engagement platform organized around the following PCGs:

  1. Local and sub-national authorities
  2. Research and Academia
  3. Civil Society Organizations
  4. Grass roots organizations
  5. Women
  6. Parliamentarians
  7. Children and youth
  8. Business and industries
  9. Foundations and philanthropies
  10. Professionals
  11. Trade Unions and workers
  12. Farmers
  13. Indigenous people
  14. Media
  15. Older Persons
  16. Persons with Disabilities

The strength of the General Assembly of Partners comes from the diverse nature and inclusive representation of its members, each bringing specialized experiences and knowledge to contribute to the final outcome of the Habitat III conference.

The GAP fosters engagement in an inclusive dialogue to develop common positions on key principles and thematic areas to be articulated in the New Urban Agenda. Additionally, the GAP proposes a set of actionable recommendations supported through evidence and experiences generated by practitioners from all backgrounds.

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Source: United Nations Habitat III

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