All stakeholders are invited to send written inputs commenting on issues that will be discussed at the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) and its Multistakeholder Advisory Group (MAG) retreats and meetings. The guiding questions below are based on the draft agenda:

1) What are some ways to:

- Improve the overall preparatory process of the IGF?
- Improve the nomination process and make-up of the MAG?
- Strengthen the IGF support structures?

2) What measures can be taken to engage those stakeholders who are currently unengaged, with a view to expand and diversify physical and virtual participation?

3) What are the ways we can better capture the outputs of the IGF and increase their visibility and impact?

4) What modalities should be put in place to ensure sustained funding to support the IGF process and the IGF Secretariat?

5) How can the IGF better support the work of national and regional IGF initiatives (NRIs) and how can synergies between the IGF and NRIs and amongst NRIs be increased?

The IGF secretarait has a current list of the proposed workshops.

Source: Internet Governance Forum – Facts on IGF 2016 Open Forum 

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