Best Bits is an inclusive network of key civil society organizations from across the world, who come together to highlight their various initiatives, and foster mutual learning and broader engagement. The network is called “Best Bits” because it does not aim to present a single solution for ratification by the assembled groups, but rather, to offer an open space where each group can present and advocate for the initiatives that they believe offer the best positive agenda for advancing broadly-shared civil society interests in Internet governance.


  • To broaden and diversify participation in the initiatives that participants are undertaking individually or in smaller networks (in particular dissolving North-South divides), by allowing participants to report on those initiatives to their peers and thereby discovering opportunities for collaboration or even mergers of similar initiatives.
  • To amplify the voice of civil society at upcoming Internet governance events, by sharing knowledge and empowering participants to effectively represent the public interest.
  • To produce tangible shared outputs addressing pressing current issues that can be used in advocacy at such upcoming Internet governance events.
  • To raise the level of shared understanding about related groups, initiatives and issues and their political contexts, and thereby increasing the quality of advocacy work conducted by individual groups and networks on Internet governance issues, and reduce duplication.

How to Join Best Bits

Best Bits brings together a diverse group of activists and experts from the global North and South who are working on Internet policy advocacy from different perspectives, who broaden both their input and their outreach through participation in the Best Bits network and events. Rather than detracting from the diversity of their approaches, the network seeks to share and build upon the “best bits” of each of them. You can join them by attending any of their events or joining their mailing list.

Best Bits Events

Best Bits organizes at least one major gathering each year, alongside other significant Internet governance events. Participants also attend other meetings throughout the year, and use their website as a resource to coordinate amongst themselves. Their events calendar draws from various sources to collect upcoming Internet governance events that we know of, and allows participants to notify others that they will be there, to read or contribute background information, and to report on the meeting once it is over. 

UN Conferences & Forums

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