The mission of the Civil Society Internet Governance Caucus (IGC) is to provide a forum for discussion, advocacy, action, and for representation of civil society contributions in Internet governance processes. The caucus intends to provide an open and effective forum for civil society to share opinion, policy options and expertise on Internet governance issues, and to provide a mechanism for coordination of advocacy to enhance the utilization and influence of Civil Society (CS) and the IGC in relevant policy processes.

Objectives and Tasks of the IGC

  • Inform civil society and other progressive groups/actors on significant developments impacting Internet governance policies.
  • Provide a context for open online and, wherever and whenever possible, face-to-face debate on the range of issues related to Internet governance policies from a civil society perspective.
  • Develop an ongoing and outcome-oriented structure. Create informal relationships with various CS groups and individuals with a direct interest in Internet governance policies, including those involved in human rights, ICT4D, intellectual property, international trade and global electronic commerce, access to knowledge, and security.
  • Provide outreach to other CS groups who have an interest or a stake in some aspect of Internet governance polices.
  • Act as the representative of itself, and other CS constituencies with similar interests, generally or on specific issues, at various forums involved with Internet governance policies.
  • For the sake of the above, as well as for more general purposes, develop common positions on issues relating to Internet governance policies, and make outreach efforts both for informing and for creating broad-based support among other CS groups and individuals for such positions.
  • Anticipate, identify and address emerging issues in the areas of Internet governance and help shape issues and perspectives in a manner that is informed by the stated vision of the IGC.
  • Collaborate with other stakeholders in the implementation of agreed projects and policies towards better Internet governance.


Members of the Civil Society Internet Governance Caucus are individuals, acting in thier personal capacity, who subscribe to the charter of the caucus. All members are equal and have the same rights and duties.

If you wish to participate in IGC activities, or observe their activities, you are welcome to join their mailing list. The mailing list is their priority working space. You can subscribe by registering on this website. If you need to change your subscription options, you will need to visit the separate mailing list site and follow instructions from there. For information on unsubscribing and subscribing under multiple addresses, please read here.

Not all list participants are members. To determine membership, each person who is subscribed to the list at least two (2) months before any election or voting event will be given a voter account. As part of the voting process, the voter must personally ascertain that they are a member of the IGC based on membership criteria described in the IGC charter and posted as part of the voting information (i.e. a voter must affirm membership on the voter form in order to vote). The decision to self-identify as a member of the IGC is a personal decision based on the criteria defined. A list of the self-defined member-voters will be published after any election with the results of the election.

The IGC website has a current list of members of the Civil Society Internet Governance Caucus.

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