Disability Inclusive Disaster Risk Reduction Network

The Disability Inclusive Disaster Risk Reduction Network (DiDRRN) partners are committed to work towards ensuring the active participation of people with disability in DRR policy and practice post-2015.

DiDRRN partners are working to ensure that people with disabilty can attend, participate in, and contribute to key national, regional and international events in order to better shape the post-2015 DDR agenda.

DiDRRN partners work with government and non-governmental colleagues to raise awareness on the importance of disabilty-inclusive DRR.

DiDRRN partners work directly with people with disability to raise their knowledge, skills and awareness of DRR.

DiDRRN partners are also working towards establishing an evidence base of the impacts of disasters on people with disability; compiling best practices and lessons learned; and producing educational and resource materials.

Source:  http://www.didrrn.net/what.html

The DiDRRN is supported by the Disability Inclusive Development (DID) Policy Collaboratory, an initiative of the Institute on Disability and Public Policy at American University and supported by The Nippon Foundation.